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Shyam Raghunath Karmarkar.
51, Rajlaxmi, Khar (West)
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  1. Objectives Of The Family History :   A number of people had thought of the idea of the Karmarkar Family history, but nothing concrete could take shape. This kind of work cannot be done in a hurry, as it requires collection of a lot of information and scrutiny of the information collected.
    The  Genealogies have to be obtained and sometimes they have to be prepared with the help of available sources. Many times the information received could be inadequate, incomplete and even incorrect.  As there was a saying in the past, that one should experience the construction of a house, arranging of a marriage, etc., it would not be out of place if one says that one should experience of publishing a family history book.

    A human being is proud of his ancestors, forefathers and earlier generations and more than that their achievements and it is a natural tendency. Though more than 70 family-history volumes of the Chittapavan Brahmin families have been published so far, our family history could not be published till date. Every member of the Karmarkar family had in his mind a  regret for this fact . And it is from this disturbing feeling that the Karmarkar Foundation was born on 31.3.84. Thereafter, the foundation organized family get-togethers once every two years, and also arranged tours to visit our family god and goddess. Shri Dattatraya Nagesh Karmarkar, Vijaynagar Society, Andheri. has a  lion’s share in conducting these activities.

    It is a history so far that generally  the work of writing of the family histories is done by retired pensioners. But exactly opposite has happened in our case. The existing members of our executive council, who are busy in their own profession or services devoted their valuable time for this work and it is for this reason that the work of collection of all sorts  of information and printing could be completed from their untiring efforts during the last six months.
    It appears that the tradition of writing this kind of family histories in Maharashtra started in  the year 1914,  because, the Apte Family History was published for the first time in 1914.Thereafter during the last 85 years, more that 70 family histories of the Chittapavan families may have been published, including their revised editions too. Nowadays, with the experience of the earlier family histories, the newer family histories are becoming more readable.