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“My Thoughts”

More than 70 family histories of the Chittapavan families have been published so far. But the Karmarkar family history has not been published. I had this regret in my mind as also every one of the Karmarkar brothers amongst us might have had. I think, for the first time, Shri Shrikantrao Karmarkar of Panvel tried to begin the work in this direction around 1975. However, due to his ill health, the work could not be completed. Then around 1984, a number of the Karmarkar brothers came together and established the institution: the Karmarkar Foundation. This institution was legally registered as per the Registration Act, and I think this laid down the foundation of the Karmarkar family history.

The beginning of the Karmarkar Foundation.

In the formation of the Karmarkar Foundation a number of people and members of the Karmarkar families have had a lion's share, namely Sarvashri Shrikant Vishwanath, Panvel, Yashwant Krishna (alias Panditrao), Dadar, Vinayak Bhargav, Pune, Dattatraya Nagesh, Andheri, Madhav Narhar, Goregaon, Suresh Raghunath, Borivali, Purashottam Narhar, Mahim, Suresh Mahadeo, Dadar, Shriram Bhargav (alias Dineshji) Thane, Dr. Sharad Moreshwar (alias Babasaheb) Bhalchandra Heramb, Chembur, Subhash Prabhakar (alias Bapu) Raghunath Pandurang, ( alias Vasantrao) Anant Krishnaji, VileParle, Arun Krishnaji,VileParle, and others. I got an opportunity to work with all of them and I made up my mind that come what may, the family history of the Karmarkar family has to be published before the year 2000.

Steps were taken in that direction. A format of information was sent to all the Karmarkar Family members whose information was available with the institution. Everybody was also sent a printed form for filling the information, showing the information of me duly filled in, which made it easy for others. This effort received a good response. I took the entire responsibility of getting the forms filled in by all the Karmarkar brethren of my village Aadi and completed it. Similarly, everybody took responsibility for a particular region, village or area and got the forms filled in. More prominently the lion's share was taken by Sarvashri Dattatraya Nagesh, Suresh Raghunath, Anant Krishnaji, Madhav Narhar, Purushottam Narhar Karmarkar.