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“Some very remarkable experiences while collecting information.”

There were a number of good or bad experiences while collecting information. Some of the responses are given below:

  1. Why undertake such an unnecessary trouble?
  2. Who is interested in this old information now?
  3. Don’t you have any better business to undertake?
  4. Is this age-old information really of any use?
  5. Will this Family History ever be published?
  6. Who has any interest in this kind of an old fashioned book now?
  7. This is really a very good project and you have our well-wishes.
  8. The project is commendable but we cannot help it for the time being.
  9. It is a good project, and we will give you our support at the local level
  10. The project is extremely well and we desire to extend all possible help The beginning of the Karmarkar Foundation.
Anyway, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But, considering all those reactions, majority people extended their helping hand and a number of people filled in the forms themselves for their sisters and brothers and helped us. Some even came with us and helped to get the forms filled in from the people in their respective regions.

Correspondence and travelling to collect information

A lot of information could be collected directly by going door to door to people, and getting the forms filled in sitting across each other. Of course, today we have more than 200 forms dully filled in and the information in those forms is being published in this volume of the Karmarkar family history. All the members collected the information in their spare time, while carrying on their own professions and there was really no limit to how much money or time they spent for the work. All the members did the work and spent money mostly from their pockets to meet the expenses