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Most importantly the meetings were held at member's residences and the ladies in the houses worked with love and affection and offered snacks and tea during the meetings. Similarly, when we dedicated ourselves to this work, ladies of the Karmarkar families helped us wholeheartedly, did not express any feelings about the trouble they suffered and worked with the feeling as if they did not feel any trouble at all.

Nature and importance of information in the Family History

While collecting information about each generation, the emphasis was laid on the following. Honest efforts have been made collect the information. We are sure all of you will certainly benefit from this information one time or the other.

1) Name of the person, his/her education, occupation, social work, other hobbies and pastimes, and also any special achievements made have been mentioned wherever the information was available.
2) In this age of man-women equality, information about the women is also given equally along with men. I think, the ladies of the Karmarkar family will be pleased to read this family history.
3) Marriage dates have been specially given wherever they were available. From this information, one can make a graph of the increase in the marriage age of men and women.
4) Birth places have been also recorded so that it would be possible to guess the way the migrations might have taken place.
5) Detailed information has been provided about the principal families as was available along with their family deities, village deities, family rituals and also about their annual festivals.
6) The currentaddress of a person is given so that it would be possible for you to contact other brethren of the family easily and also to serve the purpose that if you go to new places for your work or for business it would be possible for you to contact and establish close relations with other members of the family.
7)A list of other published family histories is also provided, so that from those histories, our family brothers can get, if they want, the information about other relatives and they can look up to this volume as a reference book