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Along with information of the family members, photographs of Family deities and village gods have also been published in this Famaly History. So also as far as possible, the photographs of individuals, groups , the husband-wife couples, and other photographs have also been printed. Through these photographs wecan see the changes that took place from the ancient period till today in regard to the appearance of our personalities, our dresses of both the men and women, the ornaments they wore, their hairstyles, etc Today’s new generation may be able to imagine about how their ancestors lived and looked like in the early period of history.

Printing of the book

The work of printing the book is most difficult, complicated and demanding , but since a number of people came forward to help in this work, it did not become that difficult as such. Many Thanks to all those helped in proof-reading of this book.

Thanks and conclusion

I thank all those who helped me from the stage of collection of information to the stage of printing this book. I also thank all those who helped me directly or indirectly but whose names could not be mentioned here. I also thank all those writers whose articles published in the references books or other family histories elsewhere, have been included in this book. As everyone in the family, right from the small children to the elderly persons and relatives works when it is a family work,in the same spirit, all helped us in this work. Although it is not customary to thank one’s family members, I express thanks to my wife Mrs. Vrishali as also my daughters Namita and Shilpa and my mother-in-law Shrimati Malatibai Deodhar. I also express my thanks to Sarvashri Dattatraya Nagesh (Andheri),Anant Krishnaji and Suresh Raghunath, without whose untiring efforts this project could not have been completed at all. I thank them all.